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TV Channel One

The period of cooperation: 2010

Digital TV family is a successful, dynamically developing project of the Channel One in the area of thematic broadcasting, which started in 2005 and unites five-night TV channels - “Telenyanya”, “Vremia”, “Music on the first”, “Telecafe”, “House of cinema”.

Syndicate goal was to increase the brand awarness and to provide incentives to connect new consumers to pay-TV operators in 8 key cities in Russia (including Moscow), as well as attract the attention of pay-TV operators and promoting inclusion in its network of canals central television. HIDALGO developed an effective media strategy which involved outdoor advertising, advertising in in the subway, land transport, press, radio and the Internet. Syndicate also developed and implemented a promotional campaign. As a special project thepossibility offree pass in the branded transport was implemented.