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The network of pharmacy «A5»

Period of cooperation: since December 2013 till now

Within cooperation the syndicate has been providing the complex support to the brand A5. Hidalgo syndicate has organized the effective press-office, collected the extensive base of the loyal media, ensured on a regular basis the publication of materials of the customer and organized the commentary activity.
The syndicate successfully spent an advertising company «A5 is sending to relax» as well.
Within this project the command of Hidalgo developed the original communication strategy campaign, prepared the commercials and the placement in the media as well.
    Besides, the syndicate provided the media support to the adjoining to this brand project – the network of the pharmacy «Norma». New advertising campaign, «What is Norma», was launched on the federal channels in the Summer 2014. For this project the syndicate provided the development of communicative strategy, creative and placement.