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GALS Development
VTB Group

Start of Cooperation: 2012

Teamwork of the HIDALGO Advertising Syndicate and the HALS-Development Company began in 2012 when HIDALGO won the tender. Within this cooperation the company HIDALGO offered HALS Development an efficient media service.

Since then the Syndicate prepared and held a number of successful advertising campaigns to support all properties of HALS-Development, including residential complex "Literator" in Moscow; Pension "Camellia" in Sochi, etc. Large-scale image campaign was also launched a of HALS Development in mass-media and in the Internet.

In 2013-2014, Syndicate and Hals-Development successfully run several campaigns. At the opening of Central Children's Mall at Lubyanka HIDALGO built up a creative concept of advertisement “Love your kid – take him to Lubyanka” and provided video production in cooperation with Boris Grachevskiy’s studio Eralash. In the first half of 2015 Syndicate and Hals-Development continue cooperation by tender for advertisement of Hals’ real property projects: elite quarter Wine House, Beijiin gardens, Teatralny Dom and residential complex Iskra-Park.