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VTB Group

Start of Cooperation: 2002

One of the first HIDALGO’s customers in the financial segment. Their successful partnership continues for more than 10 years. Over the years there were numerous of interesting and exciting projects which were highly acclaimedby professional community.

The calendar which was prepared for VTB won the first place at the Second All-Russian Competition of advertisers "Pro-2004". Among other notable projects of the Syndicate there is development of the communication strategy aimed to strengthen the brand image. Moreover HIDALGO made the promotion of service areas including the concept of positioning and creative strategy "The Energy of Success" and the development of a series of product images in 2002-2005.

The Syndicate provided media branding and product placement advertising of the Bank on the radio in Moscow and across Russia in 2006-2008. An outdoor advertising in Moscow in 2003-2011 was done as well.

Almost at the same time in 2003-2006 the Syndicate conducted the development and production of printing and souvenir materials image of the Bank. All this time HIDALGO was responsible for searching creative design solutions for current challenges of the Bank (stocks, POS-materials). In 2004-2006 HIDALGO conducted marketing research for the Bank. During the period from 2006 to 2008 the Syndicate developed the media strategy aimed to strengthen the brand image and promote services for small and medium business.