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"Ferrosan International A / S" (Denmark)
Pfizer Group

The beginning of cooperation: 2009

The work on strengthening the brand Bifiform become a logical continuation of long-term successful cooperation between HIDALGO and the company «Ferrosan International A/S (Denmark)».

At the end of 2010 on the basis of the creative concept proposed by the Syndicate, was developed and filmed a video that highlighted the dynamism and modernity of the brand, and its professionalism. In the video HIDALGO could simply show a principle of action of a preparation, establishing it as a friendly and positive image among the target audience. Later in the framework of the large-scale advertising campaign in 2012 Syndicate has developed a unique communication strategy designed in a simple and accessible form to tell customers about the benefits of probiotics and merits of the drug «Bifiform». This time HIDALGO was responsible for media planning and carrying out advertising campaigns. In 2012, the Syndicate also developed the creative strategy of promotion of children's probiotics: «Bifiform baby» and «Bifiform kid», on the basis of the approved concept developed print layouts for children's product line.