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"Ferrosan International A / S" (Denmark) Multi-Tabs
Pfizer group

The beginning of cooperation: 2009

AS Hidalgo and the company «Ferrosan international A/S» (Denmark) conducted a series of advertising campaigns in support of vitamin complexes «Multi-tabs».

In 2009-2010 HIDALGO has successfully implemented launch co-branding project with Disney, including the development of the concept of a unique line of children's vitamins Multi-tabs (15 tablets for 2 weeks, 4 different flavors) with different characters Disney, generation of ideas BTL-project aimed at stimulation of repeat purchases. In 2011 Syndicate launched a national media campaign in support of vitamins «Multi-tabs»

In 2011, Syndicate launched the national multimedia advertising campaign drive toward the Multi-tabs vitamins. The campaign went on in 2013, the year announced as The Year of Global Vitaminisation by Ferrosan International A/S (Denmark). Syndicate worked out a media strategy and provide creative support for the products of the line. Starting from 2013, Syndicate launched several advertisement campaigns of multivitamin complex Multi-tabs for Pfizer Сonsumer Healthcare including 2014 TV campaign with the slogan “Family health is under our care”. Then followed major media campaign in support of the product in print media, Internet and sale points.