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History of Hidalgo Image began in 1996 with the formation of a small advertising agency. The Agency developed advertising and print design, one of the first offered to the market of advertising photograph, and quickly took a stable position in the FMCG sector (consumer goods). Gradually Hidalgo Image explored the market of HoReCa (restaurant and hotel business), and soon virtually monopolized this field of advertising services. In parallel, the company launched the first commercial program on the radio "Echo of Moscow", and then on other local radio stations, and after that became the exclusive seller of advertising in radio programs.

In 1999, the Agency successfully conducted an advertising campaign in support of the party "Our Home is Russia", and developed creativity, logo and corporate identity of the party. Developing design, audio and creative direction at the beginning of the two thousandth Hidalgo Image finally transformed into a syndicate. The agency continued to expand : Hidalgo Image acquired its own web-studio shows notable success in the media business . Together with PH "Kommersant" the company developed and started to make a real application "Kommersant Weekend". With the assistance of the agency launched "Metropolitan evening newspaper."

In this way, gradually mastering the market, Hidalgo Image converted to Full Service group of companies:

  • "Hidalgo Image" - the management company;
  • "Hidalgo Media" - media planning, purchasing media;
  • "Hidalgo Media" - media planning, purchasing media;
  • "HID" - design and printing;
  • "HidalgoHoreca" - seller of products for the market HoReCa;
  • "SoundBrand" – audio creativity.

At this point, the company was among the three largest advertising agencies in Russia in terms of media purchasing on the radio. In addition Hidalgo Image was actively expanding pool of clients in the financial sector.

In 2002 the company joined the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia.

2005 is the beginning of a period of high-profile media projects. With the participation of Hidalgo Image two radio stations started to operate: "City FM" and Business FM. Agency played a special role in the creation of Business FM - Russia's first business radio station. Based on the author's technology Hidalgo Image specialists created a brand platform for it, name, logo and the whole package of corporate identity of Business FM. In addition the company developed and implemented a media strategy to support the launch of the radio station.

In general 2006-2008 became a milestone in the history of Hidalgo Image. In connection with changes in the regulation of advertising activities, the Agency started to gradually disappear from the HoReCa segment. Only a year later the company finally secured its position as a leader in servicing the financial services market. At the same time, Hidalgo Image began to systematically engage in TV scheduling and TV purchases.

In 2011 the agency entered into a three of the largest buyers in the field of the business press in Russia. And by the middle of next year became one of the leaders in terms of purchasing advertising for the year.

In April 2012, the company joined the International Network of Independent Advertising Agencies TAAN.

In 2012 Hidalgo Image showed the greatest growth in purchases on the advertising market. The advertising market grew in 2012 by 13 %, while the current billing of the agency increased more than 146% compared to 2011 figures, reaching 1.066 billion rubles.

In the summer of 2013 Hidalgo Image advertising agency and the international marketing agency Quadric signed an agreement on strategic partnership.

In 2016 Hidalgo Image entered the rating of the largest Russian agencies on the basis of the volume of media purchases of 2015 (AKAR and Sostav.ru). According to the rankings in the last year buying turnover of the company grew by 36% and amounted to about 2.5 billion rubles.

Successful work of Hidalgo Image has been praised by the professional community. National Award "Media Manager of Russia" was awarded in July 2016 to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hidalgo Image Yegor Altman.

In July 2016 the company celebrated the 20th anniversary. Today, the work of Hidalgo continues in the name of the agency "Hidalgo Image" under the leadership of Yegor Altman.